The debutante – III

I was surprised when someone knocked at my door. My mother would enter, my stupid brothers also, Seth and Maahes would flash themselves, so when I opened the door and I saw Ares standing there, I was speechless.

– Are you gonna let me in, sis’? He asked me smiling.

I let him in and I continued to look at him.

– Kokou is very strong and he hits like a fucking bull but just with his right arm. Try to go on his left. It’s your best chance.

– Why are you helping me? I asked him skeptically.

– I like you. He said simply.

– Sure you do. All your family likes me. What’s the catch? How’s the crowd?

– No catch sis’. Your mom and my dad, well our dad, are fighting blaming each other for your attitude.

– No surprise there. I sighed.

– Everyone is making bets on how long you will resist against him.

– No one thinks I have a chance, is it?

– Not really. And sincerely neither do I.

– Then what the fuck are you doing here?

– I took the bet that you will resist over 15 minutes. I had the biggest time frame  in the pull.

– Seriously?

– Would I lie to you?

– I don’t know you. Now get out and if you want to make some money bet on me because I am not planning on loosing.

– Sure pumpkin.

– I mocked your pantheon Ares. I can survive Kokou just because he is too arrogant to consider me a worthy opponent. I had my share of battle training, don’t worry.

– Good luck then, and after this charade, if you are still alive, I will be waiting you to visit. I really want to know you better, Ressiya.

– Bye Ares, I said smiling.

He was the brother I never had. I met him twice and he was more brother to me than the two ones I grew up with.

I had Maahes’ lion on my shoulder. I got this battle suit after the first time we met. He tortured me but after that we became besties.

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The debutante – II

– Is she retarded? One of them asked looking at me.

– You offend the Goddess. Another one said referring to Mother not to me. Mom was looking less then pleased. This party wasn’t what she expected. I was a disappointment. Again.

Shiva took her from there and I was left alone with my brother and all the war Gods and beings.

– I bet Seth and Moriggan curse the day when they accepted to be her godparents. Can you imagine how it is for them to have the goddaughter retarded? And she’s a goddess. Seth must be sick with madness.

And that was all. I was ashamed and I hated here but I knew one thing. I was good at fighting, I was a good girl and I wasn’t retarded. My mother was Kali for the love of the Gods, I won’t put up with them. Besides that, Seth was there. He won’t let anything happen to me.

– You know, I’m right here and I can hear you very well, thank you. If you want to tell me something please, I’m all ears.

– Well dear, I’m just saying…

– No you aren’t. I know what this is. I know that these many Gods in one room it’s a show of power. Who has the biggest dick. I might be clumsy and foolish and I, for damn sure, don’t enjoy this bullshit but let me tell you something, honey. You want to see who’s the biggest and the meanest in this room? You want to measure it up? I invite you out of here, in the training arena and let’s see who’s got it the biggest.

I was furious and all of them were looking at me.

– Rys, maybe it’s not a good idea… Shiva came near me with Mother by his side.

– Do you know who I am, little girl? The God asked me.

-She’s just a little girl, and she’s cocky. Don’t let her challenge you, Zeus interfered.

– Ressyia! Mother said like a threat.

Ok, the truth was that I was too furious and I started to talk without thinking. Now that I saw my both parents trying to resolve my mess, it got me thinking. This one must be one scary guy.

I looked at Seth but he wasn’t pleased about my challenge either, but damn them all.

– Not really, but taking into account their reaction you are some mean scary son of a bitch. I said with a shrug.

He laughed.

– Very good dear, show me the arena and let me show you who I am.

– Apologize Ressiya, Mother said furiously.

Who the hell was this guy?

– No Mother, let her. She thinks that she’s this awesome goddess, Kartik said.

– Are you going to eat me or something? Everyone is so pissed at me because I challenged you. Who the fuck are you?

– I’m Kokou. Do you know who I am?

Oh hell yes I knew who he was and all of them thought that I was screwed. Kokou was one son of a bitch warrior God. He was the only God from his pantheon alive. And where were the others? He was pissed one day and he killed them all, taking their essence. He grown powerful and he was one of the scariest beings alive.

I could see the point of my family being pissed but they didn’t know some things about me either. Seth and Maahes trained me but I’ve also trained with some kami in Asia. I learned a lot from them and one of the things I’ve learned was how to fight angry spirits and essence eaters.

I knew I had a good chance against him. Maybe not to win but I was damn sure that he won’t eat me. And I had primordial powers in my weapons. I had some tricks that even Seth didn’t know about. They felt my power because I let them, but I never let them feel me for real. If Kokou was scary, they didn’t taste me yet. And now I was willing to show them all of me. They want me to be scary? I could be that.

– Yeah, I know who you are. You are a scary son of a bitch.

– And still you dare mock me.

– Well, you said it yourself: I`m not so smart, am I? Or better yet, I’m retarded. I shrugged.

– Apparently she won’t leave enough to get to know her better. Apollo said in a mock tone. Such a shame…

I had better things to do than teach Apollo some valuable lessons, so I let that go.

His time will come…

– Kokou, maybe you should forgive the child. She’s young and doesn’t know better, Shiva said and I was getting madder.

Everyone thought I was this brainless girl. Even Seth and Maahes didn’t think that I could actually have a fair chance against him and to a point I get that. He had the experience and all but they shouldn’t look at me like I was a brain damaged child. They should know better.

– Let me show you the arena, I said with an empty voice.

I got to my room to change and take my battle suit. I wanted to make a show and I wanted Kokou’s blood on my sword.

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I love Santa Claus and this year I was a good girl 🙂


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The debutante

I don’t know why I thought that this will be different for me. My Mother’s party was huge. Every God from every pantheon was attending this party. And of course every fucking being that was powerful enough to be in the presence of a God was there and I was the main attraction of the evening.

Mother prepared for me a dress that I wouldn’t be caught dead in it so I changed it with a traditional Hindu dress. I picked blue and silver for the colors because it looked good on me.

Everyone was in the ball room and I had to make my entrance. I was nervous but then I thought about Maahes who will be there and also Seth and Ma’at and I knew I wasn’t alone. No matter what Mother prepared for me this evening I wasn’t alone. And that was enough for me.

No one noticed me when I entered the room. I was too common to be noticed and I was glad for that. I wasn’t the freak show… yet. Ganesha saw me first and he frowned disgusted at me.

Love you too brother.

The tables were arranged in U form, with my family in the middle. The Hindu Pantheon was on our right, the Greek pantheon on the left and the rest of the Gods after them.

– Welcome all of you. Mother said the moment she saw me. She didn’t like my outfit but that wasn’t my big problem tonight.

– You know that I invite you all here to acknowledge my daughter. You all know that I have a daughter, in her teens, but you don’t know who her father is. I and Zeus had a one night stand when we pretended to be humans. If you all remember the party where I almost killed him, well, that was the night when our daughter was conceived.

Oh, thank you mom. She was so sarcastic, I really should take lessons from her.

– So, let me introduce you our daughter Ressiya Katayana Mahana Hathiyara.  She said pointing at my direction. All eyes were on me, I stumbled and I fell on my face.

Way to go to impress the Gods, Rys.

They started to laugh. Heat rose on my cheeks and I stood up trying not to embarrass myself even more. I wasn’t good for these parties. I wasn’t the type to enjoy parties, to interact with others, to be charming.

Maahes wanted to come to me but Ma’at stopped him. She knew that I had to do this by myself. She knew what my Mother expected from this charade and she knew that I had to live up to her expectations.  And being helped wasn’t in her agenda.

Mother glared at me furiously when I made it to the table.

Valli, Kartikeya’s consort smiled at me.

– Keep it up like this and you will end up dead by your mother’s hands. She laughed ironically and I so wanted to choke her.

– She still wouldn’t like you bitch. I whispered into her ear. She got angry and it was a little happy moment for me.

– She seems a little scared. Someone whispered not so low.

– Look at her, her parents are these big shots and she is that. Maybe she’s deranged or something. You know she can be like that even if she’s a goddess.

I closed my eyes trying to breathe. My brothers heard the discussion and they laughed at me. Mother was furious. Shiva felt sorry for me. He was decent and all taking in consideration that I wasn’t his daughter.

My father’s family was discreet. No one whispered stupid things about me. All of them were there, serious and all, trying to appear superior to all of us. After all, they were the Greek pantheon.

My first impression was a fucking disaster. Almost all of them thought I was stupid.

After a while, Mother walked me thru the guests introducing me to them but ignoring my father’s pantheon. They were polite but Mother was rude. This was a fucking pissing contest and Mother wanted to win.

When we were near the group where Seth was I was relieved. The group was formed by all the war beings from all the pantheons. Gugalanna, Seth, Black Annis, Maahes, Ares, Athena, Hachiman, Loki, Thor, Odin, Moriggan and also some others that I didn’t know.

But my beloved brother thought that he was funny and he pushed me placing his leg in front of me. Of course I fell in the middle of them knocking down some angry Goddess.

Again…they started to laugh.

I was more than ashamed. I hated my brother in that moment.

– You put your sister in this situation again and I will see you punished. And remember I know what you’re afraid of. I heard my mother whisper to him and I felt a little bit better. For once she took my side.

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After my punishment, my adventures and my mistakes the closest Gods to our pantheon were locked up in my Mother’s room. They were making plans regarding Greek pantheon, and me. Nice to see that they care… not.

Of course Seth wasn’t invited and not because he wasn’t one of the closest allies to my Mother but because he was on my side. Seth wasn’t upset. He knew that at the first hint of trouble, Mother will contact him.

He left telling me to call him if someone will give me any problems. I loved him so much. I loved him more than anyone and anything in this world.

So Mother called me in her bedchamber.

– Ressiya, because you couldn’t help it and you were out to find your father we had to take some actions.

Here we go again. I could see the blame in her eyes, I could hear the accusation in her words. She wasn’t like a regular mom but again, she was Kali, the reincarnation of Parvati. Good and bad. I’ve only known just the bad side of her.

– We will have a dinner party where I will acknowledge you as mine and Zeus’s.

That got my attention.

– I’m sorry, what?

– You wanted to know your father’s family, why are you so shocked? You didn’t like my side of family so you went behind my back to know your father’s.

Here we go again…

– It wasn’t like that…

– Don’t interrupt me Ressiya, I don’t have the nerve to hear you whining. Act like a goddess that you are. I can’t possibly see how the hell you ended up like this, so weak when I created you to be the most powerful being in the Universe.

Created?!? CREATED?!?!?!

– Thank you Mother, I appreciate the love. I said sarcastically.

– Don’t sass me young girl, I am still your mother.

– Then why don’t you start to act like a fucking one for once? I said angry flashing myself in my room.

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Consequences II

I woke up in time to see Seth, Morrigan, Odin, Ma’at and Maahes flashing in the room.

I was still in the throne room, and my back was just raw flesh. My mother didn’t give me permission to heal myself and no one dared to go against her orders.

– Why did you summon us Kali? Odin asked looking from her to Kartik who still had the whip in his hands. Whip soaked in my blood. The blood was dripping from it on the silver marble. Knowing my mother the moment she feels I’m conscious she will make me clean after myself so I stayed down not daring to breathe.

All took a look to Kartik and after that to the place where I was lying in fetus position. I saw them between blood soaked hair and I saw the raw anger on Maahes’s face when he recognized me. He took a step forward but Ma’at stopped him.

– What happened? Ma’at asked, trying not to look at me.

– Zeus knows that Ressiya is his daughter.

– And he took her, or what? Where is she? Odin asked.

– That’s her. Maahes said between his teeth.

– Did he do this to her? Morrigan asked and in the next moment she knew the truth. She had been punished. She said. Why?

– She sneaked out the Pantheon, she’d gone against my direct orders not to search her father and now Zeus knows he’s her father.

– I didn’t know I was a fucking prisoner here. I said trying to get up without any luck. I felt on my belly in my own blood.

– Kartik, another 50 lashes for the girl.

– Don’t even dare punk or I will shove that whip deep down on your throat that your ass will burn. Seth said.

– What Egyptian? Mother snarled at Seth.

– She was punished enough. I won’t see her whipped again.

– Since when?

– She’s my goddaughter.

– What?

Everyone was socked because Seth took my side. No one knew Seth being a bleeding heart, but for me was so much more.

– Is not the first time when Rys sneaks out and goes in other pantheons.

– Rys?! My mother said raising an eyebrow. How do you know this?

Maahes helped me rise and he healed me without my mother’s permission.

– You shouldn’t. I whispered.

– Mother, the Egyptian healed her. Kartik said.

– How dare you interfere?

– Just let it go Kali, you torment her enough. Seth said. And you brat, shut the fuck up.

– Seth!

– Oh shut it Morrigan.

– To my understanding Seth is against Rys’s punishment. Shiva said trying to calm the spirits down.

– Of course he is. He’s the only one on my side. I said before thinking and all the eyes were on me.

– Now you have something to say? Mother asked.

Say everything that you want sweety, we’re here for you. I heard Maahes’s voice in my head and I smiled. I couldn’t help it.

– Are you smiling?

– It’s not the first time that I sneak out. I said. I’m like an object thrown in the back of the closet. I don’t have friends, I can’t do anything so I sneaked out pretending to be human in another pantheons.

– What?!?!

– How the hell do you think she learn to fight this well? Seth asked annoyed.

– She fights well? You could hear the proud in my mother’s tone.

– Are you paying attention to her at all? Maahes asked also annoyed.

Seth and Maahes really cared for me.

– Well she has trainers, warriors who teach her how to protect herself, how to fight.

– I beat the crap out of your warriors the first time that you thought that’s the time for me to learn how to fight. I was already fighting. Seth helped me, Maahes also. That’s how I learned how to fight, and that’s why I’m so good, not because of your warriors.

– You risked my daughter’s life? She asked turning to Seth.

– Oh for Gods sakes… I mumbled.

– I helped her. If it was for you she would still be in her room afraid of a spider. Seth said.

– It wasn’t your place Egyptian!

– And where were you, bitch? Seth asked in rage. Where were you when your boys tormented her? Where were you when I found her sold by humans? Where were you when Maahes beat her near death? Where were you when she lived among humans almost a year with some asshole and you didn’t even noticed her absence? WHERE-WERE-YOU? He snarled in her face. She took a step back. Smart goddess.

– How dare you questioning me regarding my daughter’s life?

– I think we all should calm down. Vishnu said. I knew him but we never talked. He didn’t see me, like the others. They knew me, but they didn’t see me.

– Since when do you care Seth? You’re not capable of caring. Odin said looking at Seth. All attention was on Seth now.

– Since I met her. She was just a kid wanting attention, friends, affection. She was so lonely and sad. She fucking made me care.

– What the hell happened to you? Kali asked shocked.

– Your daughter happened to me. You should meet her sometimes, you would like her. Seth said sarcastically.

He pulled me into a bear-hug.

– So, you and my daughter are friends.

– Does he screw her? Asked Kartik and Maahes had him by his throat in the next moment.

– Apologize!

– Put him down Maahes. Ma’at said.

– Apologize now! He yelled.

– You don’t want to start a war, Egyptian. Ganesha said.

– Are you kidding me? I will have your heart at dinner if you don’t apologize now. I love Rys and you don’t get to treat her that way. Not when I’m around.

– I’m sorry.

Maahes threw him then he turned looking at Kali.

– You don’t deserve her. So much hate, I was surprised. He loved me, I knew that, I never doubt about his love or Seth`s but I was surprised that they were there for me. All the way.

– I’m sorry. I said before she got the chance to speak. I’m sorry Mother that I disappointed you as a daughter, as a prisoner as everything. And I’m sorry that Zeus knows about me. But I felt lonely and you didn’t talk to me. Not really. If you told me more about the situation of Zeus and you maybe I wouldn’t went to him but I wanted to meet my other family. Here I’m not wanted. My brothers doesn’t like me, no one treats me like family except for Shiva. I’m just the necessary evil. We will deal with Zeus and I won’t desert you but I won’t stay in this prison. I want full access in and out of the pantheon.

– What makes her so special? Ganesha asked.

– I’m with him in this one. Odin said. What is with her that the evil Seth is so mellow? Why do we have a meeting about her and Greek Gods? Why she thinks that she`s so important that we have this conversation?

– Ok, everyone knows about Rys, right? She’s Kali and Zeus daughter. She’s powerful, right? But power is not all, and what, she’s only 16 years old, she’s just a child. So bring all of you your best fighters, your best warriors and I will show you what makes her so special, besides my training of course. He grinned at me.

– You think she has a chance against the best warriors of our pantheons? Odin asked surprised.

– The real question Odin is if they have a chance to survive against our little cookie here. Maahes said. She is really good, she didn’t reach her true potential, but she will give you all a run for your money.

– She can’t be that good! Kartik said.

– You know what brat? You’re lucky that she thinks of you as family because if it was for me, you would be dead by now.

– Don’t threat my boy Seth. Kali said.

– Someone has to Kali, because he was a fucking asshole with that girl, and she had no one in her corner. But not anymore. She is mine now.

– You can’t take her from me.

– I don’t want to take her from you. Think of me like her personal guardian. I will end everyone who comes at her. God or no God.

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50 shades of Grey

I love the song, I enjoyed the books and I`m waiting 4 the movie 🙂

I really like the actress playing Anastasia.

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