Second chance

I was dead. I was cocky and I paid for it with my life. I could see nothing and I could only hear my blood in my ears. My body was translucent and I was scared. I sensed fear before but not like this. I was too young to die this stupidly.

I was surrounded by darkness and I was scared that I will end up here forever. And forever for me, for my soul was to frigging long.

I wanted to go back, I wanted to be a Goddess again. At that moment I would promise everything to anyone just to bring me back to life.

– So, what do we have here? I heard a voice in the darkness. It was the darkness itself and if my body’s functions were functionally I would have peed myself.

– Hi… hello … I`m Rys…

– I know who you are, Ressiya Katayana Mahana Hathiyara.

She or he or it knew my name.

I was in deep shit.

– Yes, I guess, I’m sorry.

– I hear that you want to live.

– Where did you hear that? Am I really dead?

– You don`t ask the questions gal. Another voice said.


– In your head. The first voice said.

I stared around me but no one was there. Just the darkness was there, so thick that I could choke on it. And then you could feel the power. Oh yeah I could feel a power so raw, so heavy that made me so overwhelming and small. I was powerful but what I sensed around me made a mock of my powers.

In that moment I felt like a child lost in a very dark and scary place.

Well truthfully I was there.

– We can bring you back.

– Who are “we”?

– You don`t know where you are? The darkness taunted me.

– In the darkness.

– Very well Mahana Hathiyara.

– Can you please tell me what’s happening? Where am I and why and who are you?

I was very near to unleash my tears because I wanted to cry so badly that I was surprised that I didn’t.

– A little eager…

– Please?

– Remember child that you’ve known the darkness.

– Oh my… you… you are Chaos. I said.

– Very well. The voice was full of mockery and taunting that made me shiver.

– All of you Voices are the primordial Gods. I continued stupidly.

– She is smart.

– Crap. Sorry… I can’t believe… oh my…oh fuck… what the… holy… Shut the fuck up Rys… sorry… sorry… I’m just…

– Shut it. The voice said in a scary tone that made my skin crawl.

I shut up.

– You will be powerful among them but stupidity will kill you. You made Seth feel other than rage and wrath, and we like that. You have the light in you but also the darkness touched you. Don’t ever think that all darkness is bad and every light is good.

– I can go back?!

– You will be worthy of our breath. And don’t forget about the life balance. You can bring life and death but the Universe has its balance and your actions will have consequences. Trust with your heart and judge not.


About Terry Zia

My name is Ressiya, but Ash calls me Rys, so Rys it is. I`m a human goddes who chose to live among humans. Somedays I hate it and somedays I find humans kind of little bit funny. Like ha-ha funny. I`m this perfect little thing who loves to laugh and has some interesting imaginary friends. I`m a little antisocial awkward, but that`s ok, not many people understand me and I don`t understand them most of the time, so not big issue here. Eventually I`m a goddess, right? But let`s not forget that while I`m a goddess, I`m also a blonde blue eyed bitch for humans, who`s used to have everything that she wants. I hate watching TV, I think that humans are mean and also I have hope for them. . So I will write about my adventures, because my human life it`s an adventure itself. Oh, and by the way, I hate human stupidity and most humans are stupid. I mean really, really stupid. Like mentally defective bird or chimp brain stupid.
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