After my punishment, my adventures and my mistakes the closest Gods to our pantheon were locked up in my Mother’s room. They were making plans regarding Greek pantheon, and me. Nice to see that they care… not.

Of course Seth wasn’t invited and not because he wasn’t one of the closest allies to my Mother but because he was on my side. Seth wasn’t upset. He knew that at the first hint of trouble, Mother will contact him.

He left telling me to call him if someone will give me any problems. I loved him so much. I loved him more than anyone and anything in this world.

So Mother called me in her bedchamber.

– Ressiya, because you couldn’t help it and you were out to find your father we had to take some actions.

Here we go again. I could see the blame in her eyes, I could hear the accusation in her words. She wasn’t like a regular mom but again, she was Kali, the reincarnation of Parvati. Good and bad. I’ve only known just the bad side of her.

– We will have a dinner party where I will acknowledge you as mine and Zeus’s.

That got my attention.

– I’m sorry, what?

– You wanted to know your father’s family, why are you so shocked? You didn’t like my side of family so you went behind my back to know your father’s.

Here we go again…

– It wasn’t like that…

– Don’t interrupt me Ressiya, I don’t have the nerve to hear you whining. Act like a goddess that you are. I can’t possibly see how the hell you ended up like this, so weak when I created you to be the most powerful being in the Universe.

Created?!? CREATED?!?!?!

– Thank you Mother, I appreciate the love. I said sarcastically.

– Don’t sass me young girl, I am still your mother.

– Then why don’t you start to act like a fucking one for once? I said angry flashing myself in my room.


About Terry Zia

My name is Ressiya, but Ash calls me Rys, so Rys it is. I`m a human goddes who chose to live among humans. Somedays I hate it and somedays I find humans kind of little bit funny. Like ha-ha funny. I`m this perfect little thing who loves to laugh and has some interesting imaginary friends. I`m a little antisocial awkward, but that`s ok, not many people understand me and I don`t understand them most of the time, so not big issue here. Eventually I`m a goddess, right? But let`s not forget that while I`m a goddess, I`m also a blonde blue eyed bitch for humans, who`s used to have everything that she wants. I hate watching TV, I think that humans are mean and also I have hope for them. . So I will write about my adventures, because my human life it`s an adventure itself. Oh, and by the way, I hate human stupidity and most humans are stupid. I mean really, really stupid. Like mentally defective bird or chimp brain stupid.
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