First love

When I meet Chris for the first time, I was almost 17. I was having problems with my family. My mom was sick, at her I-forgot-the-number surgery and I was a mess. I knew that I was a goddess and Mary with Robby weren`t my real parents, but I loved them with all my heart and there was nothing that I wouldn’t do for them. I tried to talk with Athena to cure my mom but she wouldn`t listen.

Zeus`s threats were growing on them. Not a single soul in the Greek pantheon would talk to me. In that period I hated them all. I wanted to bath in their blood.

Little bloodthirsty I was, wasn’t I?

However, Ash tried to make me feel better, tried to be there for me but it was hard. In the end he was just the voice in my head.

In that period the social networking was on vogue. That`s how I knew Chris. We were both from the same town, and we used the same chat window. He was one year younger than me and we were from the start intro each other. But not sexually. We used to talk about our issues, because we both had issues.

He was in love with an older woman, and when I say older, I mean thirty five years old or so, married and with a daughter. She could be his mother, for fuck`s sake.

He loved her, he cried for her and he share with me all his memories. All his pain.

We liked each other more and more. We were hurt souls who needed an embrace.

After some time, a little over an year we decided to see each other in person.

I began to love Chris from the beginning, like a friend, like a brother.

His pet name for me was Kid. Mine for him was also Kid. It was childish but we took comfort in our games.

Ash was against him, against us, from the beginning.

But when I was about to meet Chris, Ash went ballistic.  I was so mad, and I thought about him that he was a selfish son of a bitch. We had a fight, a big one, I called him names, I told him that I hate him, and I don’t need him in my head. That for me he was dead. And I shut him down. I meant every single word because my entire world was falling apart.

I had so much rage in me and I knew it that my genetics were to blame. I was angry and hurt and I wanted to hurt everyone near me. And just then Ash was my no. one target.

My relation with Chris was odd. I liked him, really really liked him. Between my mother, my father`s anger and my own rage Chris was my escape.

We started to hang out and all my spear time I was with him.

Slowly we started to change. I didn’t see him as a friend anymore. He was so much more.

He loved me and I loved him.

He was the first boy whom I made love with.


About Terry Zia

My name is Ressiya, but Ash calls me Rys, so Rys it is. I`m a human goddes who chose to live among humans. Somedays I hate it and somedays I find humans kind of little bit funny. Like ha-ha funny. I`m this perfect little thing who loves to laugh and has some interesting imaginary friends. I`m a little antisocial awkward, but that`s ok, not many people understand me and I don`t understand them most of the time, so not big issue here. Eventually I`m a goddess, right? But let`s not forget that while I`m a goddess, I`m also a blonde blue eyed bitch for humans, who`s used to have everything that she wants. I hate watching TV, I think that humans are mean and also I have hope for them. . So I will write about my adventures, because my human life it`s an adventure itself. Oh, and by the way, I hate human stupidity and most humans are stupid. I mean really, really stupid. Like mentally defective bird or chimp brain stupid.
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