So after I introduced myself I was thinking about a neutral topic to talk about. You know, me being a goddess and everything, is not easy for humans.

So I won`t talk about my real family because let’s face it, Zeus or Aphrodite can be a little overwhelming, so I will talk about something that humans could easily digest. Like blogging or, why not, networking.

First of all, I`m not a blogger

My first diary was one of those Locked diaries with cartoons…mine was with Barbie. Now I just can`t keep writing in something like that. Humans will think that I`m not just insane because I have imaginary friends, but they will also think that I`m stupid, which I`m not. Maybe I`m a little blunt, but I`m blonde, so that`s an understatement, right? 🙂 Image

So I started this online diary because I wanted to be fashionable. Blogging, right? 

Well guess what, I don`t know much about it so it`s not really my problem. I just write… 

In the last few years humans started to live virtually.

Everything that we do we do it online. We shop, we connect, we talk, we visit and so on.

Now if you don`t have FB, netlog, myspace or some other crappy networking life you don`t exist.

I’ve just started my online life, and let me tell you, my godhood family is in all the networking sites that you can imagine.

My uncle Hades just added me to his Twitter friends. I mean, c`mon, you rule the Underworld, don`t you have anything better to do, like tormenting some souls, or something? My aunt Aphrodite spreads her love and desire all over ‘My space’ and my good old uncle Ares fabricates evidence for BBC News on Facebook so he can start a new war in Africa.

Is it just me or the world is coming to an ending? And what an ending…

However, I have my profile everywhere I can think of because I wanna be like all humans.

So how did I start this blog? First of all I googled the most popular online blog-publishing services and I found

After that it was relatively simple.I googled Blogging for dummies and I received some steps – useful ones by the way – how to start blogging.

So here I am with my blog, with my open diary for all the readers in the world.

Cool, right?


About Terry Zia

My name is Ressiya, but Ash calls me Rys, so Rys it is. I`m a human goddes who chose to live among humans. Somedays I hate it and somedays I find humans kind of little bit funny. Like ha-ha funny. I`m this perfect little thing who loves to laugh and has some interesting imaginary friends. I`m a little antisocial awkward, but that`s ok, not many people understand me and I don`t understand them most of the time, so not big issue here. Eventually I`m a goddess, right? But let`s not forget that while I`m a goddess, I`m also a blonde blue eyed bitch for humans, who`s used to have everything that she wants. I hate watching TV, I think that humans are mean and also I have hope for them. . So I will write about my adventures, because my human life it`s an adventure itself. Oh, and by the way, I hate human stupidity and most humans are stupid. I mean really, really stupid. Like mentally defective bird or chimp brain stupid.
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