After my show, the party ended with me in my Mother’s chambers. Mom, Shiva and Vishnu were the only ones present there.

– What happened in the arena? How come you are not dead? Mother asked me.

– I hope you’re not disappointed. You forged me to be that good Mother, you shouldn’t be surprised. I told her. I was being rude but damn them. I was tired to play.

– Don’t be childish Ressiya.

– Your own words mom. I’m the powerful weapon that you wanted me to be. But here is the thing. I won’t be used, not by you, not by anyone. I love you and I will always do, but I won’t be a prisoner in my own life.

– But how did you come back from the dead? Vishnu asked.

– Apparently not just Mother had plans for me. The primordial Gods helped me.

– You are lying. Vishnu said.

– Truthfully I don’t care what you’re thinking but I’m not lying. If you have other theory I’m listening. I don’t know the details of my birth but here I am all powerful.

– Yes you are.

– I’m sorry, but I really want to live my teens. I want to be as normal as I can be. So now that I met my father I want to go to live a period in Greek pantheon to know them better.

– You’ve got to be kidding me. Mother said furiously.

– Dad, please help me here. I said getting tired. Mother was a strange little thing.

– But you will come back, won’t you? Shiva asked.

– This is my home as long as you want me here. But I spend all my life locked here. I want to see the world. I want to know other pantheons. I want to know this world as it is. I want to learn about Greeks because I have also their blood in my veins but that doesn’t mean that I’m not yours. I’ll always be yours.

– Go with peace daughter. Shiva said smiling.

– I love you daddy.

I hugged him, I hugged Mother who was to angry to say something and I was gone.

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Coming back…

I think this was my cue to stop a war from happening. I open my eyes and I felt myself smiling. It was good being back. The moment Maahes knew I was alive his body became rigid and he looked down at me with shock. I winked at him smiling and he crushed me to his chest.

After another minute he let me go trying to figure what the hell happened, why I was still alive.

– Don’t taunt Mother, she wasn’t kidding about the destruction part. She knows her thing, believe me. And she enjoys it too much. I said getting up.

They all turned looking at me with shock and disbelieve. Seth took me in his arms. I cuddled in his arms and we were both happy.

– What is the meaning of this? Kokou asked and I let Seth go, turning my face to him. This was my battle and I was ending it in my own way.

– You didn’t kill me you stupid-stabbing-in-the-back son of a bitch. Well, technically you did but I didn’t stayed dead. I said angrily. I had passed everyone just to be in his face.

– You surprise me little lass. I could feel his fear because my magic trick scared all of them. Not long time ago they thought I was retarded and now I was alive when I should be pretty much dead.

– Listen to me well asshole because I won’t repeat myself. You will live another day just because I allow it. Remember that. And you come to me or mine one more time like a fucking coward to stab me in the back and I will hunt you down. And after I hunted you, I will hunt your relatives but opposite to Mother, I won’t kill them. They will be tortured. Mother here loves torture and Seth here is the definition of torture. They will live an eternal life being tortured because of you. My uncle Hades here, has this little place called Tartarus filled with angry-tortured souls. Imagine how it is to be on their mercy, after decades of torture. You will wish to be dead. And I will break you in every way possible but you will still be alive. And after I break your family over and over again reminding them that you are to blame for all their suffering, I will put you in the same cage with them. You will be torn apart by your own family and I will bring you back just to be torn again. I will dedicate my immortal life to find new ways of torture and being surrounded by my family here, I will have some pretty great ideas. Do you understand me?

I was so angry that I wasn’t paying attention around me, just the fucking stupid God in front of me.

All of the Gods were speechless. For the first time they thought of me being scary.

Seth burst into laughing and clapping. In the next seconds everyone was clapping.

Kokou flashed himself out of the arena and Seth hugged me.

– Who are you, and what have you done with my Rys? Maahes asked coming near us.

– You were awesome sweetheart. I couldn’t have done better threat than you.

– She was really scary.

– And the beauty of it is that she meant every single word.

– Nice to know that she’s so bloodthirsty.

– He killed me Maahes, he doesn’t get the Nice-Rys-Treatment.

– Honey, I’m proud of you. I remember when you told us that you don’t do torture.

– I didn’t. I don’t, but being dead and all changed my perspectives.

– She’s her mother`s daughter.

– And that’s another thing. I don’t want to be catalogued by my mother or my father, whoever he is. I am Ressiya, Rys, and if you have a problem with me, you come to me not to my family.

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The return…

The pain was excruciating and I woke up finding myself still in the arena. Maahes was siting down, with me in his lap. He was so sad and so angry. The beings were split in two. Those who were beside Mother, and those who were with Kokou. The most of them were beside Mother even Greek pantheon who just found out about me. But what startled me was Mother. I saw her angry and mad, but now, now she was something I didn’t saw all my life. She wasn’t just mad and angry. She was the anger itself. She was blue with six hands, and her lips were black. Her eyes were red and she was grieving. I never saw her like that, and the pain she was feeling was unbearable and real. And it was because of me. They thought that I was dead. I looked down and I saw my body. I was like a spirit floating over everybody.

This was so not my cup of tea…

Was I dead? Was I a frigging ghost, or spirit or something? The primordial Gods told me that I could come back. This is how I could come back?

I remembered something about my time in Asia about my training with Li-Tao. I’ve learned so many things that I never thought about or I never practiced but this was the time to show what I’ve learned.

I entered my body and for a couple of seconds it was like I was in some cave, or in a very tiny space, a chamber.  It was like my body wasn’t mine, but a hollow place.

I thought about me, and I tried to connect with my body. I remembered every lesson that I learned fighting. And Li-Tao with some of his friends thought me a lot about the spirits world. They were so good at this and I tried to remember everything I knew about the kami.

And after I overdrove myself I felt my body being mine again.

Ding-dong the bitch is back bitches.

– You worthless shit. You killed my daughter.

– She was sweet and everything but she made fun of me. No one makes fun of me. I killed my own family because they were stupid. Did you really think that your daughter would be more important to me, so that I would let this circus pass?

– I didn’t think you’re stupid enough to start a war. Vishnu said.

– A war? For what, a bastard child?

– SHE-WAS-MY-DAUGHTER. Mother said with her demonic voice. But never mind that, Ressiya was the last one who made fun of you. No one will ever make fun of you because I will kill you. A life for a life, Kokou. I will destroy you and I will hunt every fucking being who means something to you. I know you’re a womanizer and you want to have as many children as possible. I know you have a few dozens of grown children who are trained to be warriors like you. You want to make your own pantheon. I hope you said good bye to them because you won’t leave here alive.
– Don’t you think you’re a little overconfident?

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Second chance

I was dead. I was cocky and I paid for it with my life. I could see nothing and I could only hear my blood in my ears. My body was translucent and I was scared. I sensed fear before but not like this. I was too young to die this stupidly.

I was surrounded by darkness and I was scared that I will end up here forever. And forever for me, for my soul was to frigging long.

I wanted to go back, I wanted to be a Goddess again. At that moment I would promise everything to anyone just to bring me back to life.

– So, what do we have here? I heard a voice in the darkness. It was the darkness itself and if my body’s functions were functionally I would have peed myself.

– Hi… hello … I`m Rys…

– I know who you are, Ressiya Katayana Mahana Hathiyara.

She or he or it knew my name.

I was in deep shit.

– Yes, I guess, I’m sorry.

– I hear that you want to live.

– Where did you hear that? Am I really dead?

– You don`t ask the questions gal. Another voice said.


– In your head. The first voice said.

I stared around me but no one was there. Just the darkness was there, so thick that I could choke on it. And then you could feel the power. Oh yeah I could feel a power so raw, so heavy that made me so overwhelming and small. I was powerful but what I sensed around me made a mock of my powers.

In that moment I felt like a child lost in a very dark and scary place.

Well truthfully I was there.

– We can bring you back.

– Who are “we”?

– You don`t know where you are? The darkness taunted me.

– In the darkness.

– Very well Mahana Hathiyara.

– Can you please tell me what’s happening? Where am I and why and who are you?

I was very near to unleash my tears because I wanted to cry so badly that I was surprised that I didn’t.

– A little eager…

– Please?

– Remember child that you’ve known the darkness.

– Oh my… you… you are Chaos. I said.

– Very well. The voice was full of mockery and taunting that made me shiver.

– All of you Voices are the primordial Gods. I continued stupidly.

– She is smart.

– Crap. Sorry… I can’t believe… oh my…oh fuck… what the… holy… Shut the fuck up Rys… sorry… sorry… I’m just…

– Shut it. The voice said in a scary tone that made my skin crawl.

I shut up.

– You will be powerful among them but stupidity will kill you. You made Seth feel other than rage and wrath, and we like that. You have the light in you but also the darkness touched you. Don’t ever think that all darkness is bad and every light is good.

– I can go back?!

– You will be worthy of our breath. And don’t forget about the life balance. You can bring life and death but the Universe has its balance and your actions will have consequences. Trust with your heart and judge not.

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The debutante – Arena

Having my ass kicked in front of every frigging powerful being wasn’t my idea of making Mother proud. But here I was standing all bloody and sore from his beating. We were fighting in the old ways, like warriors, trying to avoid using our godhood powers. It went well, I punched him, he punched me. We fought but then again I was a warrior but so was he. It was hard to win against him when he had the same knowledge but he was bigger, stronger, and older than me. He had all the advantage that he could get and he used it.

Everyone who knew how to fight knew that this one was a standoff even if I looked much worse than him. I bruise easily, so not my fault.

– I think that’s enough, Mother said stepping in the middle of the arena.

– I don’t know Kali, your daughter doesn`t seem to learn her lesson.

– I have to learn no lesson, not from you anyway. Everyone here thought that I`m stupid or something just because I don’t like parties and I am shy. Well, I’m not and I’m as good as the next fighter. We were fighting like old ways and you are bigger and stronger so here is your advantage. You are good I give you that, but I’m good too. Considering my age and my life I’m damn good. But this is a standoff so no one wins or loses. I’m not this helpless little girl who you all see when you look at me so stop mocking my kin. You have a problem with me, you’re taking it with me.

– No, you are not helpless. That’s why I wanna marry you.

– You want what? I asked shocked.

– I like you, you fight well, and our spawns will be warriors like us.

– Hold your horses big boy. I won’t marry you. You’re good looking and all but you’re not my type.

– And what’s your type, lass? He asked a little bit annoyed.

– Apparently not you. I said simply.

– Don’t make me angry!

– Or what? You’ll kick my ass? You’ve already done that. You will kill me? You can’t because the fight is over. So what’s left then on the threatening table?

– You have a smart mouth ain’t you?

– Seth is my Godfather go figure, huh? I said in a mocked tone.

– How come you didn’t kill her? He asked looking at Seth who was near Mother.

– Are you kidding? Her smart mouth is one of her best qualities.

– Well thank you kind sir. I said sarcastically.

– You are this pretty little thing but you are lethal, aren`t you?

I just smiled at him. I guess I looked “awesome” and lethal with all the blood, bruises and torn armor on me.

– Go wash the blood of off you, and let’s continue the party. Mother said at last.

I was happy that we didn’t continue so I give my back to him. Big mistake. Seth trained me to know better, but right then I wasn’t thinking. I was happy that it was over. First I felt the shock in all the people around me then I felt a sharp pain in my back, and the pain got deeper and deeper into my body. My heart ached and I looked down just to see his sword buried from my back to my front. Like mine, his sword was one of the few weapons that could strike a God.

I felt on my knees shocked. Around me was a deep silence. A deadly silence. They didn’t have the courage even to breath. I felt Seth’s rage and Maahes`s pain.

A gruesome cry broke the silence and it took me a few moments to realize that it was Mother, but before I could hear or see anything else the darkness took me.

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Birthday cake

Yesterday for my human birthday I was home, at my parents. My mother baked me a cake. I love my human family so much. Even though I know that they really aren’t my family I love them more than my actual family. They don’t have ulterior motives and they love me for me, not for my power. Not that they knew about my powers.cake

However the moment I enter in the apartment mother embraced me wishing me the best.

– I baked you a cake but we already cut it. She told me. I hope you are not upset.

– What? I asked frowning

– Well you’re brother has to go to work so I cut him a slice. Please don’t be upset.

I laughed hugging her.

– I loved you mom, of course I’m not upset. Let’s eat that cake!

So, for my birthday I received a cake with two slices missing.

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The debutante – Hades & Persephone

I got out of my room and in the way to the arena I saw Hades and Persephone kissing. I smiled. They really loved each other and they were so sweet.

Persephone’s mother appeared in front of me looking pissed. I used my powers to clothe the two lovebirds.

– I’m looking for my girl. Did you see her?

– Persephone, right? She’s such o lovely girl. You did very good with her. I said smiling dumb.

– Yes, but that Hades…

– I just love your girl, let me tell you. She’s so fascinating. I said, taking her arm and dragging her back to the arena. She talked to me, and I send her to our gardens in the back. She told me that she loves flowers, and my mother has some beautiful flowers there.

– Thank you dear. Now I’m going to look for my daughter before Hades puts his hands on her.

He already put more than his hands on her, that’s for sure.

– Our gardens are very tricky. Just be careful and tell Persephone that I will give her any flower she wants. I told her watching her get away.

– If you don’t find her, maybe she will be near the east river, I yelled after her.

I heard a laugh and I turned around. Hades was there with Persephone in his arms.

– Knowing our gardens, she will be at least one hour out there looking for you. I said to Persephone.

– We owe you one kid, Hades said smiling.

– You can go in my room and I will make sure no one will bother you and I will have my Dari looking for your mother.

– Oh thank you, sweety. You are a life saver.

– Sure I am. Enjoy. I said smiling. They were sweet.

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